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Supplier of Azcue pumps and spares to the UK and International marine industry.
Precision Pipework Ltd. Horn Hill, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, NR33 0PX Tel: 01502 500646 Fax: 01502 566957 Email: sales@bombas-azcue.co.uk © Precision Pipework Ltd. 2019. All rights reserved.

Azcue VRX Monobloc Vortex Pump


Monobloc close coupled vortex pump. Designed for pumping dirty waters, fish waste, industry and enviroment applications.  Simplet consctruction, non-clogging and with components free from important wear. Flow rates up to 500m³/hr Head up to 30m Port sizes range from DN 50mm to 200mm Temperature up to +100°C Available Speed / Hz 725, 950 or 1450rpm 50Hz 875, 1150 or 1750rpm 60Hz Azcue VRX Pump model numbers: VRX50/160, VRX80/160, VRX100/23, VRX150/23 For price and technical information, please contact us at sales@bombas-azcue.co.uk
VRX Monobloc