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Supplier of Azcue pumps and spares to the UK and International marine industry.
Precision Pipework Ltd. Horn Hill, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, NR33 0PX Tel: 01502 500646 Fax: 01502 566957 Email: sales@bombas-azcue.co.uk © Precision Pipework Ltd. 2019. All rights reserved.

Azcue MO Range

Self priming close coupled side channel pump. Ideal for applications such as: Industry: Fuel, petrol, kerosene, diesel oil pumping. Boiler feeding. Condensed water extraction. Chemical products, emulsificated fluids etc. In general all kinds of clean liquids with difficult suction conditions. Marine: Fresh water and sea water santiary services. Sanitary hot water circulation. Condensed water extraction on fresh water generators. Flow rates up to 9m³/hr Head up to 225m Port sizes range from 1” to 1½” Temperature up to +90°C (Higher temp available on request) Available Speed / Hz 1450rpm 50Hz 1750rpm 60Hz Azcue MO Pump model numbers: MO11/10, MO11/20, MO11/30, MO11/40 MO19/10, MO19/20, MO19/30, MO19/40 MO31/10, MO31/20, MO31/30, MO31/40 For price and technical information, please contact us at sales@bombas-azcue.co.uk